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Ford Focus Aftermarket Fuel Door Install Article on
(Based on 2000-2004 Zetec & SPI Model Focus')

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WARNING: Do not smoke or carry lighted tobacco or open flame of any type when working on or near any fuel related components. Highly flammable mixtures are always present and can ignite. Failure to follow these instructions may result in personal injury.

NOTE: Installation of the aftermarket fuel door requires removal of the stock fuel door assembly, which includes the fuel filler rubber "boot". You will also need to drill holes to mounth the new door! This How-To Article is just one representation on how to install an aftermarket fuel door on a Focus. I chose not to re-install the rubber boot assembly, though it may be possible to do. Also, depending on the aftermarket fuel door, you might need to visit a local car parts or hardware store to find a couple different bolts... Most of the aftermarket fuel doors on the market are made for the Mustang, and not specifically made for the Focus.

Fuel Door Install

Kit Parts: Fuel door and necessary nuts and bolts.

Time to complete: Approx 1 hour

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  • Jack up the right rear of the car.
  • Remove the right rear wheel.
  • Remove the wheel well cover to expose the underside of the rear fender and fuel filler. (See Picture #1)
  • Unplug the fuel tank air vent tube from the fuel filler boot assembly. (See Picture #2)
  • Remove the two plastic screws from the fuel filler boot and door assembly. (See Picture #3)
  • Gently squeeze the fuel filler boot assembly from the underside of the fender, allowing you to "push" the fuel filler boot and door assembly out of the fender. (See Picture #4)
  • Twist the fuel boot and door assembly around a bit until you can complete remove the entire assembly. (See Picture #5)
    • No tools are required to remove the fuel filler boot and door assembly. As tempting as it is to use a screw driver or something to pry under the assembly, it's not necessary and your should avoid doing it and potentially scratch your car...
  • With the fuel filler boot and door assembly complete removed, you are now ready to prepare to install the new chrome door.
  • Remove the two screws from the new chrome fuel door that are near the "hinge".
  • Open the new chrome fuel door.
  • Place the new chrome fuel door onto the fender in the same place your stock door would normally be.
  • Mark the two holes that you need to drill to mount the door. (See Picture #6)
  • Before marking the third hole on the left, where one of the plastic screws of the stock assembly was, you will need to "bend" that part of metal so it's flat like the other two metal tabs.
  • With the third "tab" bent flat, mark it for drilling.
    • NOTE: Be careful to mark the holes exactly, there's not much room for error!
    • Ignore those black clips in the picture. They are not necessary!!
  • With all three holes marked, drill them out with a 3/16 drill bit
  • Install the new door using the supplied nuts and bolts.
  • Reinstall the wheel well cover to protect your fuel filler and other parts from road dirt and whatnot.
  • Put your rear wheel back on.
  • Lower the car.
  • Your are done!

  • Notes: Depending on the aftermarket fuel door you purchase, you may need to find a "longer" bolt for that third hole. (See image below for ideas...)
  • With a little more work and ingenuity, you might be able to make the new fuel door work with the rubber fuel filler rubber boot.
  • Without the fuel filler rubber boot assembly, the car's fuel tank "vent" is exposed to the elements, I chose to make a small cap with a couple smalls holes drilled in it. This will allow the fuel tank to vent when filling your tank with gas and protect it from the elememts a bit more as well. (See image below)

Couple sample screw replacements
Fuel tank "vent" cover idea

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